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Why Having a Slow Loading Website Is Not Good for Your Home Services Business

Investing on a functional website for your DIY appliance repairs company or a wall mount tv installation company is a must if you want to reach your business goals. Not only will this affect the reputation of your business, you will even gain new customers regularly. You will be able to promote you business well and aa a result, the public will know you deal with appliance repairs, wall mount tv installation, and other home services.

When investing on a good website for your wall mount tv installation or DIY car repairs company, you must never take the overall user experience of your clients for granted. Although it is true that having a business website that has a modernized look and detailed features is nice, it can slow down your website’s page load time. When this happens, your customers will be very frustrated and unhappy. Believe it or not, a slow loading website will lose you customers and can even cause your business to shut down.

In this article, we will be discussing some tips on how to solve your problem on a slow loading website.

1. Determine the current speed of your business website.

Before you start working on the load time of your website, it is important that you determine it’s speed first. There are plenty of free web-based tools online that will assist you on this task. When it comes to analyzing the web and mobile speed of your website, these tools will never let you down. If you discover that your speed is higher than 80, then you have no problem at all. But if you discover that your score is 80 or lower, you need to follow tips number 2 and 3.

2. You need to compress your web files.

If you are having problem dealing with your website’s slow loading time, you have to consider compressing your web files. Don’t hesitate to compress your web files because this will not affect or even degrade the quality of your videos or photographs. All your videos on how to repair cars and appliances and the process of wall mount tv installation will still be of high quality.

3. A content delivery network will help you a lot.

Hosting your web files on a local server is fine at first but as you start to gain customers from all over the world, you have to think about upgrading your server. If your wall mount tv installation and home services business is getting bigger, using a content delivery network will play to your advantage. Once you do, your customers from abroad will have no problems downloading or viewing your files from your server.

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