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Determining Downtime: Why It Is Important for Mortgage Sites to Always Remain Online

A few minutes of downtime can be the start of the end of your business. Some of the outright negative effects of an offline website include losing customers, credibility, and money. The three factors mentioned are usually very important to mortgage websites.

It will be impossible to run a business if it does not have any customers. On the other hand, it is through credibility that the number of your customers can increase. As a result, the lack of credibility and few customers will lead to losing money.

One problem can lead to another hence creating a vicious cycle, which can be avoided anyway. Given the above information, it is clear that downtime can lead to unprecedented problems hence you have to seek the help of a downtime calculator to determine what might happen. The following information discusses how you can prevent your site from experiencing downtime as well as ideas on choosing a downtime calculator.

Top Reasons Why Uptime Is Important to Mortgage Sites

Downtime Can Occur at Any Time
The uncertainty surrounding the whole idea about when your site can go down can be unsettling. With no notice, your website can go down in a split second. The lack of certainty on when a website can experience downtime arises because many factors go into keeping a website running online. You should always be ready to handle a downtime because of its unpredictability.

Installing an uptime service to monitor your website is a reasonable step towards minimizing downtime and its related effects. Once a website goes down, a mortgage company can as well start counting their loses. Even if you are a successful company, you cannot afford to lose money through an avoidable channel.

Determining Business Risks by Using a Downtime Calculator
It can only take few seconds for your company to record losses due to some downtime. The loss can be even bigger if you are a large company. One of the baby steps for addressing this problem is by employing the use of downtime calculators.

Downtimes Lead to Vulnerabilities
Losing money is only one problem that an offline website can cause but it can expose the visitors as well. Offline sites are easy targets for the common denial of service attacks, which can further complicate the process of handling the same. In the case that you have a DDoS attack, the chances of hackers gaining access into the website and making unnecessary changes increases. If unauthorized modifications take place on the important records like VA interest rates, the clients can become concerned and file a lawsuit. Lawsuits in the courts against mortage companies are common in cases where they failed to secure their systems hence making it easy for downtimes and hackers to have their way.

If you want to succeed as a mortgage company, be sure to have a reliable site.

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