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Reasons Why Vape is Much More Cooler than Cigarette

The dangers of smoking become so widespread that almost everyone knows about it and governments have added taxes as well as printed some warnings on the containers to prevent or to warn the smokers from further jeopardizing their health. Shifting away from the false notion of smokers being wicked in terms of their health and uncaring let’s gear towards the Fact that smokers are nicotine addicts as cigarettes have high amounts of nicotine which makes it very difficult for them to quit smoking. In the light of the recent creation of e-cigarettes also known as vapes, former cigarette smokers Have now shifted to this new option which is nicotine free thus allowing them to adjust their lifestyle and make improvements for their health.

However skeptics still go on about its effectivity Which is why i feel it is important to defend the good things that it has brought ever since it was sold in the market.

You Don’t Have to Be Worried About Nicotine Withdrawal

We all know how nicotine withdrawal sucks as it affects you with annoying symptoms like irritability, shaking, sweating and nausea or worse periods of hallucination. With the help of smoking or vaping, you can gradually lower down your nicotine intake , with the use of vape juices which contain nicotine.

Vaping is Cooler

Vapes are fun as it allows you to do a lot of things with the smoke, because you can choose different levels of smoke intake thus it never bores you out. vape doesn’t have the health risks That’s accurate smoking offers because it doesn’t have tar and carbon monoxide which are carcinogenic so you can get through smoothly your day still smoking as you wanted without having to worry about your health.

Gives you Numerous Choices
Cigarettes have a boring list of choices which only comprised of regular and menthol the other flavours are too costly and it even compromise your health. E-cigarettes on the other hand Offer a wide variety of flavours that you will love including the latest hemp vape.

Because Health.. Duh?
As this is the main point of this article, you should start taking care of your health by switching to vaping. Studies have shown that people who were former cigarette smokers And have switched to vaping have very low levels of health risks like lung cancer and heart disease.
So if you’re still cigarette smoking now then you should make this very important decision or switching to vaping as it obviously does good for you Additionally it offers alternative For certain conditions such as Pain relief and lowering the anxiety without having to harm your health as a payment.

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